Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring Concert

Colby had his spring concert in May and I think that all of the kids and the teachers who helped did an excellent job. Kalli enjoyed getting dressed up in a dress to go some where special. She thinks a lot of her brubber!

W/P Fields Day

Colby was able to participate in the 2010 W/P Field's Day this year. It was cute to see all the kids and there was A LOT!

Kalli went with me and I think if they would have let her, she would have participated too.


I have to admit branding season is one of my favorite times of the year. The smell, the bruises, family, seeing all the calves, just makes me smile. One of my favorite parts is getting a picnic lunch together in a dusty corral. I know some have called me crazy, but I LOVE IT! The top picture is some of the ornery kiddos there.

Two of my beautiful nieces, : )

Kalli was so happy "her friends" were there!

My dad and my son, they are best buddies and I love that!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colby turns 6

Well these are not in any kind of order but here we go. It had rained for days before and rained the day of Colby's birthday with terrible wind, but it ended beautifully!

Colby is my poser that is for sure, I could post a dozen or more of Colby saying oh take one of me like this.

Colby had 2 of his best buddies over the day before his birthday, I think they had fun!

I made Colby a cowboy hat birthday cake, I kind of stressed out about how I was going to do it, but I think it turned our pretty cute!

Colby getting a new cowboy hat for his birthday, I think this was one of the best birthdays so far! We were so happy to have a great family to battle the roads and weather to come and spend the afternoon with us!


Some of the things that happened to us and that were picture worthy in March and April include:

Our first hail in our new house, which also brings me to the conclusion I have not posted any pictures any where of our new house, boy I am so behind! I guess if you want to see it come on over!

Raining and beautiful sunsets

Teaching my kids to dance and laugh in the rain!

Double rainbows seen for miles!

Kalli dressing up for Easter.

Dyeing Easter eggs with cousins and family, it did not last long, everyone was diving in! I think it took longer to boil the eggs and set up for the mess that always occurs. But it was fun to be with family, a few tears when the eggs had all been colored but then they got to go play and the dads clean up!